Marco Civil (Framework for Internet Rights): the multistakeholder legislative model seriously threatened

Na manhã desta sexta feira, no Internet Governance Forum em Baku no Azerbaijão, fizemos este pronunciamento em nome do Artigo XIX, GPOPAI e Movimento Mega:

The Brazilian Parliament has recently disappointed civil society organizations by approving at the same time two cybercrime laws instead of the guarantees for civil liberties on the Internet that was also in discussion.

We, activists and civil society organizations in Brazil, had believed that Marco Civil was an example of best practices in the digital environment and showed how Brazil was in the vanguard in terms of rights and freedoms on the Internet. Regarding the participatory process of the Bill discussion and conception as well as the content of the proposal itself, it seemed that this was a no going back highway. unfortunately this project is seriously threatened by the powerful lobby of strong economic groups.

The phone companies following the agenda of the ITU, are fighting hard against net neutrality and cultural industry press strongly for a mechanism that allows greater control over what is published on the Internet.

This pressure has caused the adoption of two laws of cybercrimes and the paralysis of the marco civil again.

Today the Internet in Brazil is less free than yesterday for this reason we call the international community to support our strive for the maintenance of this regulatory framework so expected by all.

Signed by
Article XIX

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